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Broker Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, &
Family Offices

BDs, RIAs, and Family Office Representatives

Why Attend Buttonwood's Due Diligence Conference?

Inquire, Inform, Connect

The Buttonwood Due Diligence Conference aims to provide the ideal environment for you to get the answers and information you seek. Engage in small group sessions and one on one discussions with Sponsors beyond the main presentation. 

Our goal is to facilitate an environment for the Broker Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor, and Family Office representatives to engage with the Sponsors of the products already on, or being considered for inclusion on your platforms. Ask questions, get answers. 

And don't forget the BD/RIA only sessions where you get to ask the candid questions of the Buttonwood analysts that reviewed the presented programs. You've got questions, we've got answers (or opinions!).


For our BDs, RIAs, and Family Office Reps

Perks and Expectations

Complimentary Registration, Airfare and Hotel

Buttonwood is proud to provide broker-dealer and registered investment advisors with complimentary conference registration, hotel and airfare accommodations. A travel agency representative will reach out to assist you in these bookings.

Exciting Activities

We're continuing the Buttonwood Conference tradition of planning fun and exciting activities for our attendees. A change this year will be that we will be doing large group activities, giving more time for networking and social engagement in a fun and relaxed setting.

Large & Small Group Presentations


Learn about some of the Alternative Investment programs directly from the Sponsors. We'll have large group presentations and small group round-table presentations where you can ask your questions and get the details you want.

BD & RIA Only Sessions

Participate in the closed-door BD/RIA only sessions where you can ask the Buttonwood analysts their candid thoughts and opinions on the presented programs.


Hotel and airfare charges are covered by Buttonwood, based on the understanding that the attendee has come to participate in a due diligence event. It is Buttonwood’s expectation that all financial advisory parties in attendance will attend and participate in all conference sessions and activities. 

Additional Nights at Discounted Rate


Complimentary registrations include a 3-night stay for the nights of the conference (6/14, 6/15, 6/16). Any attendee that plans to stay longer than this time period will be responsible for booking and covering the cost of those additional dates. Let our travel agency representative know if you’d like to add nights and we’ll help make sure you get the negotiated group rate.

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